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Vidisha Madhya Pradesh
Welcome To Bhilsa, Architectural Marvels

Widely known for its architectural marvels, Vidisha is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is resplendent with religious and historical monuments. It is the commercial town in Vidisha district. The city was formerly known as Bhilsa and is the administrative headquarters of the district.

Vidisha travel guide is incomplete without a mention of the exquisite experience that the city can give to the tourists. Vidisha represents a distinctive and enduring appeal to the viewers with its magnificent memento of the splendid past. One can see a clear picture of its past from the remnants of the big monuments and magnificent temples, which reminds of the different dynasties. Vidisha was an important trade centre between 5th and 6th centuries during the reign of the Guptas, the Sungas, the Satavahanas and the Nagas.


Situated at a distance of just 10 Kms from Vidisha, Sanchi is a small religious village which is famous as one of the vital pilgrimage places of Buddhists. It houses various Buddhist monuments that belong to the 3rd and 12th centuries. It is well known for Sanchi Stupa which was constructed under the reign of Emperor Ashoka.

Udaigiri Caves..

At just 9 Kms from Vidisha, Udayagiri Caves are archaeological caves which are now under the authority of the Archaeological Survey of India. These are very ancient caves and were extracted when Vidisha was the regional capital of the Gupta kingdom. There are various small temples in and around the caves of Udayagiri.Massive rock-cut sculpture depicting Vishnu in his Varaha incarnation at the Udayagiri Caves, near Vidiśā, carved when the city was a provincial capital of the Gupta Empire

Holiodorus Piller..

It is a stone column also known as Heliodorus Pillar and was founded in 110 BC. It is devoted to Lord Vasudeva. The pillar contains a figure of Garuda, and bears two writings, written in the Brahmi script.

Charan Teerth..

This Is another importent Place In Vidisha Located At Shor Of Betwa There is a temple of lord Shiva And Foot Prints Of Lord Rama's Present In This place....

Lohangi Parvat..

At The Center Of Main City This Mountain Is Present This mountain is also a Ancient place, And The Special thing about this is that the Shape Of This mountain is cylendrical not dome.. And From Lohangi View of Entier vidisha is surpriseing.....

Vijay Mandir (Bija Mandal)..

Vijay Mandir (Bija Mandal )is Located at Vidisha It's a historical place Built in 11th Century AD, but was Demolished in 1682 AD, during the region of Mugal King Aurangzeb and the mosque was erected on this very site , useing the same material of the Temple. the mosque came to be known as alamgiri masjid . from an inscription carved on one of the pillers of the original Bijamandal temple , evidance speakes that the temple was sacred to Goddes Charchika. the Inscription Also Record the Name of King Narayanvarman . Vijaya Was Probebly another Name of This Very Goddes After Whome the temple Is Named Vijaymandir..

Ruins Of Gyaraspur...

Gyaraspur was of considerable importance in medieval india.the place has several ruins of several old hindus ,jain and buddhist place of worship . these include maladevi temple ,hindola torana and the bajranath temple. gyaras pur located near vidisha (35 km) .

NeelKantheswar mahadev udaipur

Neel kantheswar mahadev mandir is located at udaipur vidisha this temple is dedicated to lord shiva this is very beautifull temple And historical Perspective its very importent every shivratri there a mela is orgnise and it is a center of piligrims in shravan somvar ,shivratri. and many festival time . its probebly 500 year old...

Maladevi temple Gyaraspur

maladevi temple this temple is quite picturesquely situated on the slope of a hill overlooking the vally . located on a huge plateform cut out of the hillside and strenthened by a massive retaining wall , maladevi temple is in fact imposing and stupendous building . it comrice an entranceporch , a hall and a shrin surrounded by a circulambulatory passage and crowned with a lofty shikara all covered with richcarving . through now jain image occupying the shrin room and hall , a figure of goddes occupying the dedicatory block on the outer door fream and other decorative sculpture probably indicate that the temple was originally dedicate some goddess and it was subsequently appropriate by jains..

museums vidisha..

In vidisha there is a museums Where many historical Menuments Collected together And Inside museums Main Gate A huge Scalton Of Yaksha Is Present , And 8 th Century Bhairav Nath Scalton And Many buddhist And Vaishnav Collection Is preseent . And museums Is About 1 km To The Railway station...

Events / Festivals

From the more then 100 years in vidisha every Year A event is Orgnise by Ramlila mela Samity vidisha. This Is Started every yaer from 14 jan (MAKAR SANKRANTI ) And treditinaly Ramila is orgnise and All main Parts of Ramayana is performed. This fair (mela ) is orgnised about for 1 month..

Betwa mahotsav vidisha..

Betwa mahotsav is orginsed in vidisha everey year and in this event many programs will be orgnised like (kavi sammelan , bhajan sandhya, award Functions , lok nritya , exivitions etc.)..

Best Season

The best season to visit Vidisha is the winter season. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for visiting the monuments and other places of interest in Vidisha. The best months to visit are September to March.

Summer Season

The month of March marks the start of summers in Vidisha and it lasts till May. Temperature ranges between 33 °C - 44 °C during these months

Monsoon Season

Vidisha experiences the monsoon season from June till September. The city remains drenched during these months.

Winter Season

Winters in Vidisha start in the month of December and lasts till February. The weather is pleasant during these months and the temperature ranges between a comfortable 10°C - 28°C.

How To Reach
Reach Vidisha By Air

The nearest International Airport is Raja Bhoj Airport, Bhopal, roughly one and half hours drive from Vidisha. It is well connected to a spectrum of cities like Ahmedabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai,Raipur through IndiGo, Go Air and Air India and Spice Jet etc.

Reach Vidisha By Road

Vidisha is 10 Kms from Sanchi, 68 Kms from Bhopal, 114 Kms from Sagar, 129 Kms from Hoshangabad, 226 Kms from Dewas, 262 Kms from Indore, 264 Kms from Ujjain, 280 Kms from Jhansi, 336 Kms from Kota and 408 Kms from Nagpur and is connected through Madhya Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (MPSRTC) and some private travel services.

Reach Vidisha By Train

Vidisha has its own Railway Station named as Vidisha Railway Station which is connected to all the major cities of Madhya Pradesh and other cities like Nagpur, Kanpur and Lucknow.Vidisha has its own Railway Station named as Vidisha Railway Station which is connected to all the major cities of Madhya Pradesh and other cities like Nagpur, Kanpur and Lucknow.

Distance Charts:
Location Distance Time
Sanchi to Vidisha 9 KM 12 min.
Bhopal to Vidisha 56 KM 1 hrs.
Indore to Vidisha 244 KM 4 hrs.
Sagar to Vidisha 113 KM 1 hrs
Jhansi to Vidisha 282 KM 4 hrs.
State: Madhya Pradesh
District: Vidisha
Famous for/as: Temples, historical
Languages: English and Hindi
Best Season: Winter, September to March
Weather: Tropical type; Hot in summers, cool in winters
Altitude: 424 m
Pin code: 464001
STD code: 07592